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Vitametik® - a holistic neuromuscular relaxation method to overcome stress and stress-related symptoms

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Why do we need to tell our body to relax?

Stress is part of life. We live everyday under constant pressure and expectations from family and friends, work and society in general. This lifestyle translates into stress and tension. In the short term, stress rapidly subsides and the body can relax and restore itself to normal status. However, our hectic lifestyles exposes us to chronic stress. Chronic stress means constant muscle tension until this state becomes the new norm. Muscular tension can compress nerves and thus affect the flow of information through the nerves. One might compare it to the water flow of a blocked water hose. Both muscle tension and disturbed flow of information can cause a wide range of symptoms, which are often not recognised as being related to stress. It can lead to chronic pain and illness such as headaches, backaches, sore shoulders and even indigestion.

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Vitametik® a holistic, neuromuscular relaxation method for everyone

Vitametik® is a holistic method aiming for neuromuscular relaxation of the whole body, its muscles, nerves and mind. The meaning of the word Vitametik® is harmony and order of life from the words ‘vita’ meaning life and ‘metics’ from cosmos meaning harmony and order. 

Vitametik® is like a reset button for your body

Vitametik® makes use of the body’s own language. A gentle, manual pressure point applied to the lateral neck muscles resembles the nerve impulses of relaxed muscles. The nerves in the neck take up this message and send it straight to the brain that translates this information and signals to the rest of the body to relax.

The Vitametik® practitioner applies a gentle, manual pressure point on the side of the neck using only his/her thumbs and a special designed treatment bench. Vitametik® is apainless, gentle and  relaxing method. The neuromuscular relaxation achieved by Vitametik® benefits anyone with stress related tensions or symptomsand can be used as a preventative treatmentif used regularly. Vitametik® is a standalone therapy as well as a complement to your existing therapy.  Please speak to your GP or alternative health practitioner about Vitametik® if you are starting to use Vitametik® alongside your current therapy. Vitametik® is not a replacement for any ongoing treatments. Only your GP or alternative health practitioner should make changes to existing medication and therapy

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How does a Vitametik® session look like?

  1. Preliminary chat to assess your current situation and complaints 

  2. A short assessment of muscle tension of the lateral neck 

  3. A dynamic test to measure the length of legs and hip displacement for more insight on the overall tension of the back muscles 

  4. A gentle, precise and quick Vitametik® impulse applied on the lateral neck muscles using a special treatment bench 

  5. A 5-minute resting phase and followed by a repeat of the dynamic leg test to show success of impulse

  6. The session completes with a 20-minute relaxation phase


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Is Vitametik® only used in case of muscular complaints?

No, Vitametik® does not target individual symptoms but the whole body. The Vitametik® impulse can also have a positive psychological effect through the experience of relaxation.

Do I need to get undressed for a Vitametik® session?

No, it is not necessary to get undressed. I recommend wearing comfortable clothes and footwear.

Who can get the Vitametik® treatment?

Anybody of any age benefits from the Vitametik® treatment. There is no age limit and Vitametik® is suitable for young children, babies and pregnant women.

How many treatments will I need?

Generally, the number of sessions depend on the need of each individual and his or her complaints. On average, an intensive phase of five to ten session is required on a weekly basis, followed by preventative treatment sessions every four to eight weeks.

What is the history of Vitametik®?

The very roots of Vitametik® date back to the 1890s when the founder of chiropractic, David Daniel Palmer hypothesised that manipulation of the spine can improve an individual’s health. His son The chiropractic therapy was born. Palmer’s son, Bartlett Joshua Palmer, further developed the method of spinal adjustment by focusing on the first cervical vertebrae (the atlas vertebrae). In 1980s, Dr. Huggler introduced this method in Europe under the name of Vitalogy. Vitametik® was established in Germany in 2000and was first introducedin the UK in 2013. Vitametik® does no longer class as chiropractic method but as targeted muscular impulse technique to stimulate body relaxation. Vitametik therapists are members of the Berufsverband fuer Vitametik e.V., BVV, which was founded in 2000 and undergo regular training courses. 

For more information, please visit www.vitametik.dewww.dasbi.de and www.vitametik-studie.de (websites currently only available in German).

What are the primary areas of application?

  • Whole musculature and nerval system

  • Central nervous system 

  • Autonomic nervous system 

  • Head, neck and shoulder

  • Spine in general 

  • Sleep 

  • Posture 

  • Gastro-intestinal-system

Does anyone else in the UK offer Vitametik?

There are currently two Vitametik practitioners in the UK. You might want to check out www.vitametik-wuensche.co.uk if Manchester is too far for you to travel too.